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Playastan Update

photo 4It’s happening! I finished painting the first set of 12 banners this week. Now it’s back to the drawing board, literally, as I work on creating full-size cartoons of the next sets. I’m also still working on final drawings for the final set of 4 foot by 10 foot banners (at the scale of 1 inch to a foot). I’m learning as I go and hopefully the pace will speed up as a result.

We have just about finalized our crew, the pots are simmering, and we are planning a fundraiser for the project on June 28th. This blog is an excellent place to keep up with news but my Facebook page for art, Cameron Anne Mason, is the best place for up-to-the-minute images.

Life is full and time is short and sweet.

photo 3


Many Hands

my hubbie and daughter cutting out beams for the Pavilion

my hubbie and daughter cutting out beams for the Pavilion

The work for our Burning Man project is proceeding. Sometimes it speeds forward, like at the work party Peter organized where all the wooden pieces for the Pavilion were cut, routed, edged, and sanded all in one day! Other times, it seems to be limping along. I guess it’s like that with any project. All the thought and design is what takes time, and once that’s in place, the showy stuff can happen all at once.

many hands and all that

many hands and all that

What is truly gratifying to me about this project is the way that other people are jumping in to help. And, along with their help, they bring their own skills to add to Playastan Crossroads. We now have an electronics guru, Terry, who is going to work with our electrician to add some wonderful effects to our lighting. The books that will be in the center of the installation have moved forward and are very exciting. Each one will be a work of art in itself. Anna McKee, print-maker, painter, and installation artist, will be making a hand-bound and printed Journal in which participants can add their experiences at the Crossroads. Writer and educator, Steven Mentor (aka Rabbit) is writing “A Brief History of Playastan,” which will be a large-scale art book telling the history of Playastan, a place both real and imagined. I came to the realization that I really need help with the sewing and have had four people volunteer to help in the last three days.

This project, which started as my vision, is expanding. It grows deeper with every person who touches it. I think it might be magic!

the Wood Butchers

the Wood Butchers

Now Add Color!


the first banner completed!

Last week, with the help my lovely friend Claire, I focused on the Burning Man project and was able to finalize full-size drawings for 8 patterns, under-dye fabric and wax the designs for 12 banners, and paint two of them. It was really satisfying to be able to finally see what has been in my head for all these months.

This week, although I’ve been aching to continue working on the banners, I’m taking a little sideways detour into the rest of my studio life. I’m going to be selling hand-dyed fabric at Lorraine Torrence’s Quilt Retreat on May 23rd so I thought maybe I should start dyeing the fabric. I dyed 25 yards yesterday, phew! And today is laundry day. Another phew!

I also need to spend some time on paperwork and getting organized. I’ve got work in three group shows and one two-person show this Summer. I’ve been so focused on the Burning Man project that I missed a deadline for paperwork for one show. I’ve barely been tracking this really important stuff. There’s also some calls for entry coming up and then there are those emails that need answering . . .

For now, it’s a beautiful day in Seattle. It’s supposed to get up to 80 today! Lovely. For now, it’s time to put another load in the washer (that 25 yards, remember).




Full-size drawings for the 24 x 45″ banners

Here’s a short update on what’s happening on the studio.

Basically, the design process for the banners has taken me much longer than I anticipated but it is finally starting to feel like things are moving along. Luckily, I had planned to have the banners completed done by the end of June so even though I’m 3-4 weeks behind my original schedule, I still have plenty of time.

I have final designs for 32 of the 33 banners and an initial color plalette of dyes. I have full size drawings of 12 of banners and am working on the color stories for all them. My lovely friend, Claire, came up from Santa Cruz to work with me this week and we have really moved the project forward. I received the silk this week and we under dyed fabric for the initial set of 12 banners. We started waxing the lines for those 12 yesterday and will finish that today. I will work on the final dye palette today and we should start dyeing this afternoon! Very exciting!

Pictures and then back to the studio!


more full-size drawings


under-dyeing the silk


studio shot of full-size drawings and some color studies


Claire working on the soy wax resist


detail of waxing one of the designs