Almost There


the playastan rug shop/aka my studio

We are almost there. The banners are painted, steamed and washed. Ann, Cassie and John are finishing up the sewing. Katha is creating a graphic “Field Guide” to the banners. Anna is making the Journal. Medallions are strung. Signs and compass rose are painted. Tickets finally arrived, thank goodness.

the last banners being painted

the last banners being painted

Still to do is packing the vans for the first crew’s departure on Tuesday, pressing and rolling the banners, ironing¬† scarves, delivering art for a show at the Whatcom Museum, a trip to Costco, groceries, packing up my clothes and toothbrush. Organizing and packing the trailer. Figuring out exactly what the kids are doing while we are gone. Oh yeah, and renewing my drivers license which I just realized expired on my birthday in July.

the proud parents

the proud parents on build day

But it’s close, tantalizingly close. Our test build was a great success. Peter has done an amazing job. Not only is everything beautifully made, but the main structure goes up in a couple of hours. Each element is first class, no corners were cut, nothing is just “good enough.”

I’m starting to get really excited. It was a thrill today when we listened to the description of Playastan Crossroads on Burning Man’s Audio Tour to the art. You can listen here:

Given how much there is to do before we hit the road early Wednesday morning, this may be the last blog post before our sojourn in the desert is over and we are back in Seattle. If I can find a wifi connection while there I’ll post update from the build on my Cameron Anne Mason Facebook page.

Think of us there in the Nevada Desert, the banners of Playastan Crossroads snapping in the breeze,  the silk glowing in the late afternoon sun, the light gilding the curves of the Pavillion and shining on the beautiful, dusty people of Black Rock City.