StashFest 2015!

8 "fat eighths" in value gradation

8 “fat eighths” in value gradation

Things have been a little quiet here on the blog lately. I can’t really explain it. I’ve been busy, yes, but I’m always busy. If you know me, you’d say I never run out of things to talk about. I guess I’ve just gotten out of the habit of writing. But I’m still here in the northwest corner of the country, working away at dyeing fabric, teaching, and making art.

The next big thing is Stash Fest 2015. It’s a benefit for the La Conner Quilt Museum on Saturday, April 18th. I’ll be vending there for the first time, selling my hand-dyed fabrics and scarves. Last year I started selling fabrics at Lorraine Torrence’s Retreats in Gold Bar. Lorraine was kind enough to invite me and it gave me a low-key way to get my feet wet as a vendor. I love connecting with people face-to-face when they are buying something that I made. It’s something I miss when I work through a gallery. For StashFest, I’ve dyed over 100 yards of kona cotton. The fabrics are packaged in one yard packs of color and value collections and also as individual low-water immersion dyed “fat quarters” of mixed color. I also have over 100 silk scarves dyed with a variety of surface design techniques.


detail of a low-water immersion dyed “fat quarter”


shibori and batik silk scarves

I am primarily an artist. I don’t want selling products to become my full-time job, but I really enjoy getting out and meeting people. And it’s nice to make something that people can buy for under $30 or $50 rather than over a thousand.


a selection of the 30 yards of fat quarters I’ve dyed for StashFest

The other thing that’s been taking off is the Side Tour Experiences. I offered four classes of Batik Scarf Dyeing in early March and they all filled with new students. I can teach, but I’m just no good at marketing! Working with Side Tour is going so well that I’ve added 10 more sessions in April/May/June. I’ve had inquiries about offering longer classes and will probably add a “Dyeing for Quilters” workshop soon.

So, if you come to StashFest, look for me and Whirlwind Hand-Dyes and Accessories but come early . My former intern, Arisa, will be there all day, but I’ll only be there until 11am. My BFF Corey is getting married that day and I’m the Best Person! Life is rich and full and there is so much to celebrate!


One yard fabric packs in color and gradation collections