Blades and Cotyledons

The Blades series explores shape as a metaphor for human interaction with the natural world. Obsidian, fractured into faceted shards from solid stone, creates a sharp, cutting edge. Hoes till and reap. We can focus on a single blade of grass in the expanse of a field for just a moment before it is lost among the many. The Cotyledons series examines the energy of growth as it bursts forth from the stasis of the contained seed. Shaken from a packet and pushed into damp soil by a child’s finger or planted by the million by an industrial agribusiness, the seed is an essential building block of culture. A fragile miracle of nature, the seed sprouts and feeds the hungry.


These two bodies of work were created for my solo show, Soft Earth, at Foster/White Gallery, in April 2011.

View the on-line catalog by clicking on the link below.
Soft Earth catalog, Foster/White Gallery, April 2011 (pdf)

The full artist statement appears on the blog here.