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Pulling from the "stash".

Pulling from the "stash".

The sculptural forms for the Grass Series are coming along. I am currently working on three, trying to get them done for a call for entries at the end of Summer. I’m working with both open and closed forms, fine-tuning the shapes and joins.

I’ve also started pulling related fabrics from my stash. Letting it all simmer on the back of the stove while I’m visiting family in the Detroit area.

Grass Fabrics


I’m very happy with the way the fabrics I’ve been printing for the Grass Series have been turning out. I’ve been printing on cottons, but also on a linen/silk double-weave that I love for it’s wonderful texture, a cotton velveteen, rayon challis, and a bamboo/silk twill.


Linen/Silk Double-weave


Cotton velveteen

New Work–Grasses


IMG_0353I’ve been working on a new series based on grasses. On my early Summer walks I would see the long, graceful grass blades topped with heavy seed heads. So many different species escaping the mower in parking strips and at the edge of vacant lots, so much variety in individuals blades usually seen merely as “grass”.

IMG_0357To start the series, I used grass blades as design elements in a few breakdown printing screens. The imagery is subtle in the printed fabrics, but is there if you look carefully. More, you get the feeling of movement. I also printed a large screen I had prepared last Fall using the broader leaves of irises. It was a bit of a challenge printing such a large screen by myself. Luckily the process is forgiving and I’m not trying to do anything with tight registration!


Oregon Country Fair


IMG_0328I feel fortunate to be able to combine my love of festivals, like the Oregon Country Fair and Burning Man, with my more formal studio work. For the last three years my family has been a part of Ambience crew at OCF, creating a “living room” call Yew Are Here where fair goers can relax for a while. I bring painted silk banners and lanterns, rugs, pillows, and a few games and create a welcoming and beautiful little chill spot. At night we light the lanterns and it becomes a magical oasis all night long.



Tian Qing, Eden, and Vida transform into fairies.

Foster/White Show


IMG_0248Here are some photos from the Foster/White show. The gallery did a great job hangingĀ  and lighting it. I find in making and showing art there are many steps to letting go of your work, much like in raising children. I find I hold the pieces so close during the making, the first step is letting go is getting the work photographed. It allows you to see the images for the first time through someone else’s eyes. Another step removed is to see it displayed, and then the final letting go is having the work go to a collector. I love it when purchasers send me a photo of how they display the work. It’s a chance to see it go full circle.



My work shown through part of Paul Vexler's sculpture.