Panels of sheer and translucent fabrics, patterned and textured with layers of dye, hang overlapping in an abandoned storefront. They flutter in the breeze of an unseen fan and are intermittently lit with silhouettes of urban crows.  The patterns on the fabrics have the appearance of architectural surfaces in transition, overprinted with abstracted images of birds in flight. The panels, in earth tones of ocher, browns, golds, and violet, are rooted in white sand. These are images symbolic of transformation: birds in flight, the fabric of temporary shelters, surfaces crumbling, sand through an hourglass.

Seen/Unseen was part of Sound Transit’s STart on Broadway: Temporary Art Installations in 2008. The project was a response to several blocks of empty storefronts vacated before construction of a new transit tunnel in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.